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Another Newbie, Worcester, Uk.

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  • Another Newbie, Worcester, Uk.

    hi all i'm so impressed with all the oven builders here i just had to register.

    These forums have impressed me so much i've decided to add myself an oven in with my garden make-over project. (only been doing my make-over for about 18months or so) project is not going that fast as i'm unemployed and skint, so i have to save cash for every step of the way..

    anyways.. hi to all and i'm sure i'm going to love this place..

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    Re: Another Newbie, Worcester, Uk.

    welcome fox,, look into alternative iven category they have some stuff in there you can build rather inexpensively,,,

    Good Luck and Enjoy


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      Re: Another Newbie, Worcester, Uk.

      Thanks for the welcome Mark.. i've already been looking into the alternate oven cat, at the moment i'm torn between brick build igloo or refectory casting one, i dont care if it takes me a year or more (as long as i'm still alive) to get it completed, so even though money is very tight, i'll do it in the end..

      You should see the mess i've made already on the garden , but hell its better then the original mess it was in.. (well almost) loool

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        Re: Another Newbie, Worcester, Uk.

        Hey Ian,,

        Here is a post you might want to check out,,
        HTML Code:
        This is about a woman from Uganda and they built their oven out of termite and ant mounds,, actually pretty cool as you get to play in mud,,,



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          Re: Another Newbie, Worcester, Uk.


          I managed to build my UK oven mostly out of reclaimed materials - the key is finding old storage heater bricks. Then it is mostly just sand/cement and some vermiculite to buy.



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            Re: Another Newbie, Worcester, Uk.

            James some of the needed items i have already in my garden (donated parts from my garden makeover) lol.. mostly when i'm ready to have a go at building one myself i'll be so much more informed after reading about all the other's built before hand..

            Note to Mark... wow thats an awesome build....