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Hello from southwestern VA

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  • Hello from southwestern VA

    I have just recently discovered the world of wood-fired cooking at home. I experimented all summer making pizza and flat bread on my gas grill and a baking stone and it just made me want a real wood-fired oven even more. My husband has agreed to build me one for Christmas...he said "just get me some plans..." so I now begin the research--the options seem overwhelming.

    Where would one go to find others locally who are into this stuff? Is there a place on the forum where you can find people in your own town? I would love to take a look at an oven in a real back yard somewhere--and also get some advice from someone who has already been through the building process.

    Also wondering how to find authentic wood-fired pizza restaurants in a certain town? I have heard of one in Eggleston, VA, but have not been there. Also heard of one is Blacksburg called Ceritanos. Anyone have any info on these?

    Thank you for your time!

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    Re: Hello from southwestern VA

    I live in Roanoke and I just began my oven today. Its a little different than the traditional oven. I making mine portable. I'll keep you posted on my progress. If you are looking for supplies, Boxley in Roanoke carries fire brick ($1.20EA) and vermiculite ($11/Bag). I'm not sure about fireclay, I will soon though.

    I don't have any information on the restaurants. Where is Veritanos? I lived in Blacksburg for four years and never heard of it. Probably couldn't afford to go when I was a student.


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      Re: Hello from southwestern VA

      There is a mobile wood fired pizza company in Floyd, VA called
      Dogtown Pizza. According to their website they frequent the
      Blacksburg farmers market and various events in sw VA. I plan to start a mobile pizza bussiness in NE TN this spring and would love to network
      with others in SW VA, western nc, etc. who are building mobile ovens
      and/or opening new businesses.


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        Re: Hello from southwestern VA

        Hey Scout!
        So what happened to your Christmas present? If you haven't yet built a colassal expensive oven then try what I have done and make one from cob/clay!!! SW Virginia is loaded with clay. My oven with blocks and misc. costs less than $100 and it took me only a couple of days to build. Its fun and very cheap and will answer lots of questions you have before committing to that final build.

        Check out my thread and let me know what you and husband think: