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Servus and Hello from Austria

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  • Servus and Hello from Austria

    Hi everyone,

    I'm so grateful that I've found this forum! I love Pizza, love fresh bread, and so on. Since two years I've wanted an Italian Wood-Fired Oven and I'm quite sure will start the upcoming spring with my project. Now I would like to know what I can do till then.

    I already downloaded all five e-Books from Forno Bravo. Could you also recommend books which I should read. I've found the following ones: The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven Book by Anna Carpenter // Fire Outdoors: Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Wood Fired Ovens & Cook Centers by Tina Skinner and Melissa Cardona.

    Also, I probably attend the workshop "Wood-Fired Workshops at Mary G's Artisan Breads" while I'm in Ontario, Canada. Is there anything else I could do to improve my knowledge how to build an Italian Wood-Fired Oven? Sure planing is important and I will also do so during the winter. I think I'm going to start with a 42", I assumes 4 12" pizzas fit in there at once.

    I'm excited and looking forward to a fun time.

    So long, all the best to you,

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    Re: Servus and Hello from Austria

    Hi Kanapee...

    Study the Forno Bravo e-Books. That's a great start. This forum is also a WEALTH of knowledge.

    I usually cook one or two 12" pizzas at a time in my 42" oven. They cook so fast that it's hard to do more than that.

    Your pizza will cook so fast that you can feed a crowd in no time!

    Have fun and let us know how your project goes!
    Ken H. - Kentucky
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      Re: Servus and Hello from Austria

      Servus. I have not heard that in over ten years. An old friend from Vienna, now long dead, used to say that. What a nice word between people!

      Good luck with your build. I have learned tons from looking through this forum, and other internet sites. It also doesn't hurt to know a brick mason.
      There should be a few Steinmetzgers left over there.



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        Re: Servus and Hello from Austria

        Hi kanapee
        and welcome aboard.
        Once you are sick and tired or reading too much information, and you have decided what you want, then start to collect your materials because once you start, you won't want to stop until it is finished.
        Your oven can be very cheap or very expensive and everywhere between, depending on your choices and abilities. I didn't have to build a base, but poured my foundations one weekend, insualtion next day, brick arch and chimney void next weekend and the dome the following weekend, insulated it next weekend and fires in it that week. Check out my build and look aththe dates of the posts and pics, tips and tricks to get you through.
        Good luck, hard decision making and even harder work, but the only way to go.

        Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

        The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

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          Re: Servus and Hello from Austria

          Servus, Kanapee! Austria is a wonderful country. I have family north of Vienna, and I can't wait to visit again! Good luck with your project.
          - Daren
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            Re: Servus and Hello from Austria

            thank you very much for the warm welcome. So may I refer to the books if you would also recommend buying them to gain more knowledge of there as well?