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    Hello Everyone!

    I've been thinking about building my very own wood-fired oven and have several questions

    1. How hot is the area around the woodfired oven if the oven is igloo shaped with only the entry point as an opening. If I were to build it under a pergola with a plastic roof would the heat coming out of the oven melt the plastic over time?

    2. If I were to build it outside how does a wood-fire oven cope under rainy conditions? Would placing a tarp over it be sufficient or is there more involved?


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    Re: Heat Radius

    1. The chimney is the problem, not any heat coming out the entry. Your chimney needs to be two feet above anything within ten feet. Having a short chimney under a plastic pergola isn't going to work.

    2. In wet conditions you may want to choose the house style enclosure rather than the igloo style. An igloo can be made completely watertight with pond liner or roofing membrane, but the standard stucco (render in australia) is pretty porous. Or you could put roofing on the part of the pergola that covers the oven and just worry about flashing the chimney.
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      Re: Heat Radius

      Hi andypants and welcome aboard.
      You will need to slip a section od colorbond steel sheet into your pergola above the oven chimney and cut a hole through it for the flue/chimney to pass. My chimney was sleeved with another round section and the gap between them filled with some superwool insulation blanket. The largest rubber sealing plate from the plumbing wholesalers was then placed over the pair and siliconed to the metal roofing sheet. It seems to be working well and stands up to the heat that is transmitted through the gap and insulation.

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        Re: Heat Radius

        Hi Andy and welcome to the club,

        I have an Igloo oven outside for over a year and have no visible signs of weathering. Though I often want to throw a tarp over it, It is constantly in use.... Have you started yet ??? and remember we love pictures...