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help with foundation, Glasgow, Scotland.

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  • help with foundation, Glasgow, Scotland.

    Hello there, building a WFO is my new obsession, and I spend all my spare time reading this forum as it has lots of useful information. However, I would really appreciate some advice on how best to build my foundation, especially as the climate is very wet here generally and cold over winter. I know I need to dig a hole at least 50cm deep and 130cmx130cm for a plinth that will be 120cmx120cm. Then there will be a layer of gravel/rubble. After this is concrete recommended (I have no experience of using this) or would paving slabs do? If I have missed out any other layers please tell me!
    Cheers in advance!

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    Re: help with foundation, Glasgow, Scotland.

    So you're hoping that it won't rain all summer too! About to start building a wfo myself, although got to wait till i get a tree taken out of my garden before i can begin.

    My plan for the base is to criss cross rebar in it and then whack in the concrete. Then going to use concrete blocks to build up the stand. Instead of using the vermiculite concrete i was thinking of using aereated blocks then whack the hearth on top of that. Not wanting to spend alot so im not using firebricks, but rather got some old pressed reds from an old tenement in the west end. Going to use those to build the actual oven. The floor of the oven is going to be made of floor tiles.

    I take it you've downloaded the plans for the pompei oven from this site? That's pretty much going to be my guide.

    I'll post some photos when i finally start.

    Here's hoping the current good weather holds!