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    Hi all,

    I'm from South Wales in the UK and in the process of building my pizza/bread oven. I have a problem! I hope someone can give me an answer..........

    Can I use large porcelain tiles as a base for my oven, I have standard red brick as my main base (I understand that I should be using fire bricks but they have been so hard to get hold of and I've had a week off to try and get the oven done!) The red brick has been laid on clay and sand so I just want to use the porcelain tiles as a top, laid in clay and sand so I can take them out if needed, what I want to know is if I can use a large porcelain tile on top, 1) to protect 2) given the heat properties of porcelain to hold the heat better?

    Any help would be most appreciated as I've had such a nightmare sourcing materials you wouldn't believe!


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    Re: Help

    I am surprised you were not able to locate fire bricks - even back home (Poland) one could find them with ease.

    Re your question: so you will have (from top to bottom)

    porcelain tiles
    red bricks
    regular concrete, correct? I just feel the tiles will crack very easily, especially when heated

    I am not sure if using regular bricks is a good idea. The whole project is soooo labor intense, I would hate to hear that everything cracked to pieces in couple of months.
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      Re: Help

      Thanks for reply,

      I'm going to get rid of the reds and get some fire bricks for the base instead and solid red for the dome. I did manage to get some from Victas.

      Your advice is well taken, it is labour intensive and all the rest is nice. Still wonder about my concrete lintle x10 base, I have covered with vermiculite and cement/sand? cheers



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        Re: Help

        I'm not sure the countertop matters. We stretch the dough in our hands until we put it on the peel to put into the oven.

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          Re: Help

          Many of the synthetic stone counter tops are not rated for outdoor use. The resins they use to bind the aggregates brake down under uv radiation.