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  • Insulation

    Can I put the insulation blanket around my oven and just brick around it or do I have to put a type of sealant over the insulation then brick around it. I need to know today because my uncle is going to start around the oven tomorrow.
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    Re: Insulation

    As long as you secure your blanket so it doesn't move and you loose the insulative value, you should be fine bricking around the blanket. I didn't find any additional info on if you're going with a brick house surrounding your oven or somthing else. If you're going with the BH you can add in additional perlite or vermiculite or other insulation between the blanket and the inside wall of the BH to maximize your oven's heat retention.



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      Re: Insulation

      I got metal duct tape to hold the blankets in place then I'm going to put chicken wire around it to secure it more. I am going to be using 3 blankets around the oven and the other 3 on top. I added pictures so you see what I am talking about. My uncle is going to brick around that in a circle form. I don't like the brick house look at all, I want to keep the circle shape as much as possible. Thanks for the help.
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        Re: Insulation

        Just be careful of using self adhesive materials, even on the outside of your insulation because when it gets warm, it looses it's adhesion and will easily slip releasing whatever you have holding it.
        Try using a hair drier on some stickers or tape, warm it a little and see how much easier it is to remove than when cold.


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          Re: Insulation

          I got metal duct tape to hold the blankets on. Thanks for the help though.


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            Re: Insulation

            I am completing my first WFO and in the process of curing the oven, a crack developed from the back side of the vent next to the dome and extend up and across the top. Following Forno Bravo recommendations of seven fires gradually larger, I set the last one today. The crack obviously expanded after heating up. I am trying to decide if I can repair the crack and move on or should I rebuild the oven. Here is my basic information. Igloo style 24" ID following FB instructions. Not a lot thermal mass on the bricks, approximately 1-1 1/2" of refractory mortar as indicated in FB instructions for a residential oven. After reading several posts, the gasket cement seems an option to repair the crack and then adding additional thermal mass which includes vermiculite.
            Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.