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Pizza bread oven & fireplace

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  • Pizza bread oven & fireplace


    I would like to install a pizza oven against a side wall within an open veranda area.

    My question is; will it provide as much heat as an outdoor fireplace?

    I have searched pizza oven/fireplace on this site and it seems some people want both although it may be hard to achieve because of the flues.

    Probably I will need a comfy heat source more often than an oven but I don?t want both really. Do people sometimes set the oven quite low to the ground ? would that help?


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    Re: Pizza bread oven & fireplace

    I can't say that I remember anyone building a Pompeii oven and using it as a fireplace as well. Many have done both, either side by side or with the oven on top,.fireplace down below - yes, this usually leads to "how do I routewmy flue"?

    I can say that my oven is in the roaring stage of burning it pumps plenty of heat out through the entry. Anyone standing about 10 ft will most certainly get a blast
    of the 1000 degrees.
    So, yes it coud act a as firEPLACE, WOULD LOOK kinda funny as just a fireplace at normal pizz height. down low might be a bit rediculous and frustating to use as an oven (I would not be interestedin making pizza in a knee high oven)


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      Re: Pizza bread oven & fireplace

      Hi CJ!

      The simple answer is NO, a pizza/bread oven will not provide anywhere near the heat of a fireplace. The oven is designed to keep heat in and accumulate it. A fireplace is designed to radiate heat. Very different activities and very different effects. A facility with both a WFO and a Rumsford fireplace makes very versatile cooking area but combining the flues can be troublesome. Probably cleaner and simpler to have them be independent chimneys.

      Oh, and unless you are about two feet tall, working on a low oven could be very irritating! You need to be able to look in the oven to monitor what is going on and to work!

      Good Luck!


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        Re: Pizza bread oven & fireplace

        Remember that outdoor fireplaces are problematic from the smoke leaking perspective. This link from rumford.com discusses the smoke problem and concedes that there is no perfect solution to it. Ovens, having a much smaller opening to flue diameter ratio, rarely smoke after startup, and never do if you're building close to the house and have to build a chimney two feet higher than the adjacent structure. Oven owners can rake the fire forward after dinner and have a cheerful decorative blaze in the oven, but even so, it's a limited radiant heat option.

        If you really want outdoor heat, one of those propane heaters they use in restaurant patios may be the best option.
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          Re: Pizza bread oven & fireplace

          I think it could be done. Basically the front would be a Rumford fireplace, and to use as a pizza oven you open a door in the lower back of the fireplace that exposes the oven. The only issue would be the height of the fireplace because the oven dictates that it be 36-45 inches off the floor. Obviously, you can only use it for one function at a time.


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            Re: Pizza bread oven & fireplace

            Actually, after reviewing the design figures for the Rumford ( Classic Flyer Plan ), I think it would work very well. Take a 42" fireplace as an example.

            The height of the fireplace from hearth to throat is 38-42 inches (call it 40"), so if you raised the fireplace off the ground just 18" (which is just a little higher than normal), the oven hearth would be at the 40" level, just about right. That would give you a 14" high X 15" wide entry to the oven, with an entry depth of 15", just a couple more inches than mine.

            Very doable and usable, the hardest thing would be building a door that doesn't weigh a ton.