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oven, door and chimney

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  • oven, door and chimney


    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I've uploaded a picture of where i'm at so far. As you can see if i go ahead there will not be a reveal for the oven door. Since this photo was taken, ive actually ripped those front bricks out, but im wondering if i need a reveal. It seems from the plans that, working from the centre of the oven out, there is the door then a landing where the chimney is located, again I've uploaded a wee photo of what i mean.

    If this is the case then it means that if the oven door is closed, no air will get into the fire and thus the door must have to remain open while the oven is in use? If so then im presuming that having a reveal for the door to 'rest' against is not a vital part?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Ross

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    Re: oven, door and chimney

    Design in a small reveal. The function of the door will make sense to you as you really start to use the oven but I will try to explain a little.

    At the start of the fire and while the fire is building in intensity I dont use the door at all.

    About half way through the fire i place the door about midway up the tunnel, right below the flue. This seems to increase the draft effect and really helps the oven build high heat.

    The door comes back off for high heat, fast cooking, like pizzas.

    After the pizzas the fire is done, just some coals. Then I place the door almost completely tight against the reveal, just a small air gap to prevent smoldering. This hold the heat in and helps with heat soaking the bricks.

    Then when thinks like brisket get put in to cook over night the door gets sealed all the way up tight to the reveal.

    I hope this helps explain a little how the door works as a multi phase tool in the oven cooking process.


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      Re: oven, door and chimney

      nice one thanks Nic! I'll try and build a small reveal in at the top and have a right angle handle flush with the floor. Unfortunately i dont think it'd be practical to put a reveal in at the sides, given the cuts in the bricks that'd have to be made.

      Thanks for the help

      Cheers Ross