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Dome Insulation

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  • Dome Insulation

    I was recently on a chimney-liner website and found some insulating blanket that they use to wrap the liner. It came in sheets that were roughly 18 X 36....I was wondering if these can be used to cover the dome as they are fairly inexpensive ($48 per sheet)!!!

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    Re: Dome Insulation

    here is a blurb from the sales article:

    Insulation Blanket: The other type of chimney liner insulation is a blanket wrap. It can withstand temperatures of up to 2100 degrees F. It?s very simple to install and remove from the chimney down the road if needed. Chimney liner insulation wrap comes in a kit consisting of the insulation, wire protective mesh, foil tape, glue, and stainless locking wire.


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      Re: Dome Insulation

      $48 sounds kinda expensive. The 8lb ceramic fiber blanket listed here is 2' x 25' x 1" and is listed at $52/roll.

      Ceramic Fiber Blanket 1" - 8lb/ft3 or 128kg/m3, Price:$52.02