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A newbies survey of the Forno Bravo treasures hiding in the archives

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  • Originally posted by RichW_SC View Post
    Newbie here and thanks for this thread. My brain is absorbing as much as possible until the lightbulb goes off. Plan to break ground this week. Excited!
    Glad you dried out enough to get started. Best of luck to you. Keep us all posted.
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    • Here's an update/info post to keep this thread near the top of the list. The link below is to page 3 of the "Favorite pan, tool or gadget..." thread. I uploaded a pdf of my favorite dozen tools for baking & working a WFO and attached it to post 45 on that page...hope it might be an additional "food for thought" resource and appropriate here.
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      • thanks hopefully this will be saved


        • Leaving my first comment in an old thread so as not to bother anybody. Aslo it's a really good thread! Now I'm off the Introductions forum to post a comment there.


          • Just joined today, this is exactly the post I was hoping to find! Thanks so much.


            • Originally posted by jer1atric View Post
              Just joined today, this is exactly the post I was hoping to find! Thanks so much.
              Thanks! Your response is the reason we took the time to make the post and update it, (while it was still possible to keep it current). Good luck on your journey. :-)
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              I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.