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Insulating the flue??

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  • Insulating the flue??

    Hi all,

    Have been on the site for a while now but have only just recently been able to work on the WFO. Would like to say a quick thank you to the forum and all the guys for being a great source of advice. I could not have gone this far without the help of this awesome community!!!! you guys rock!!

    I have just finished building a 48" dome and am about to attach a 6" galv flue on top of the vent. I have a guy making me an 8" clay flue to cover the 6" and have half a bag of vermiculite left over from the insulating slab. Can I / should I pour this loose between the 6" and 8" flues??

    I live in quite a rural area and would like the oven as insulated as possible to reduce any fire risk. Will also be putting a spark arrestor on the flue and a stainless mesh door for firing the oven.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


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    Re: Insulating the flue??

    Your plan should work fine, except the galvanized stove pipe liner. First - ofgassing hot zinc is not something you want around food, second - it's likely to rot out from corrosion is two or three seasons. I'd spring for stainless pipe here if you can get it, if not, get the black stuff they sell to go with woodstoves.

    A final consideration: six inch is a small flue, and 48 is a large oven. If you want to avoid smoke leakage on startup, you may want to switch to an 8.
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      Re: Insulating the flue??

      Hi dmun,

      Thanx for the reply.

      Would it be better just to use the 8" clay flue?

      Would this get too hot? or is a double flue just overkill?