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Primavera 70 questions

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  • Primavera 70 questions

    I have 2 questions regarding the Primavera70.

    Is the shape of the oven round? In other words is I am building a stand would it be a similar shape as the stand that comes with the Primavera60? I want to have the stand built before the oven arrives and want to make it the right size and shape.

    The second question is what temperature does the bottom of the oven get to? Would I need something fire retardant underneath? I am a wood guy and am thinking of making a stand out of cedar to match my deck. I am not concerned with weight as I am confident that I can make it strong enough to support the weight.

    Help appreciated.

    Tim Nassis

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    Re: Primavera 70 questions

    Hey Tim,

    The Primavera60 and 70 are both round. The Primavera70 is assembled on a lightweight, reinforced concrete underfloor. It does not get very hot underneath the oven, but it is something to think about. It can get "warm", which won't make a wood stand floor happy. It a minimum it would really dry it out over time and perhaps change the shape.

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      Re: Primavera 70 questions

      Thanks James.

      Would you hapen to know the diameter of the Primavera70?

      I am assuming since this is a hand made product there might be some variation but if I were to make the stand oversized by a 1/4" to 1/2" would that cover the variance?


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        Re: Primavera 70 questions

        Hi Tnassis,

        The 70 is 41 inches round.