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First oven build

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  • First oven build

    I am purchasing some property in the rainforest outside of Hilo, HI. And would like to build a WFO for my family and friend's use.

    Of course I have 'purchased" the plans from this site, and read over them several times. I'm not an experienced mason by any stretch, but do have a little experience, and think i can pull this off.

    However, I have a few questions before I get started.

    Money is an issue, so I would like to use what is available to me locally, and in some cases free. I have access to all the lava rock I want. Any size, any shape. I am confident that I can use this rock for the structural support (on a poured level "footer").

    Due to the porous nature of this rock, I assume it will be a horrible thermal mass, but should be a rather good insulator. Can I use the lava rock as my dome insulation also?

    I found this site (from another thread here) Portuguese Stone Oven Baking | Kona Historical Society which leads me to beleive that there may be locally sourced rocks that will work as my thermal mass. However, I have read that some people have had success with using paving stones, is that really a workable solution or will I find small chuncks of brick in my pizza/breads/cakes/ etc? I will use firebrick as my bottom, but if I can save some $ by using pavers in the dome, I will.

    Would it be possible, to build my dome out of the lava rock, and then coat the inside with clay (or any other cheap substance) in order to fire it into earthenware to give me my thermal mass?

    Thank you in advance for your help.