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Insulation and stucco question

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  • Insulation and stucco question

    Hello all

    Sorry if I am not posting at the right spot, can't figure out how to create a new thread.

    Platform built....4 inches of vermiculite/cement...rebar throughout and then 3 inches of high heat concrete on a bed for fire bricks.

    Oven is 24 by 36 all fire brick construction.

    My question....overbought thermal blanket and have enough Insulfrax to put down a whole foot over my dome.

    My ovens old style modeled on a Alan Scott build.,

    Do I need to cover my Insulfrax with any more insulation ?

    Can I just lay my stucco right over the thermal blanket..onto a stucco meshing.

    Much Thanks

    Salmo...Quebec Canada
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