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That's hot!

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  • That's hot!

    I have gotten the inside vault temp to about 600C . I think that is about 1100F? The wood storage is reading 59F even directly under the 2.5" floor plus 4" vermicrete (5:1) and 3.5" structural concrete.
    The outside walls are about 64F in the shade and a little over 80F in the sun. The back wall is 85F and top of vault is 85-90F. It has been cleared for over two hours. That extra 4" of vermicrete (10:1) on top has made a HUGE difference. Only got about 2" more added on sides.
    Total of 4" on sides and about 6-8" on top. Will use loose fill after I get the enclosure done.

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    Re: That's hot!


    Sounds like you got a high-performing oven! Got any pics?


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      Re: That's hot!

      I will get on the other comp and do it. I had my first 4 pizzas last nite. I need to work on the dough recipe, it was just OK. I rushed it and did not use the thermometer. I threw the pies in just after the dome cleared. I checked it and realize i only had the floor and dome to about 500-600 total when they went in.