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My first WFO casa 2G 90

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  • My first WFO casa 2G 90

    I am building my first WFO, and it seems to be going well. I had to use about 1/4" of sand to get the floor some what level but still ended up seeing a little lip on some pieces. One thing I am wondering is I used the insulation provided with the kit. Is this enough to retain the heat? after that I put lath wire around it and then coated it with a mix of type 2 cement motar mix with sand and did about 2-3 layers of this. I guess my next question would be will the type S cement motar keep water out? I do plan on tiling the outside of the oven with 2x2 tiles to math the tile counter top and adding waterproof grout if thier is any. feed back is appreciated. I am also going to try and add some pics to this but not sure how to do that?

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    Re: My first WFO casa 2G 90

    Hello Stumpjump,

    To answer your question, the insulation is enough to retain the heat. You would still need to seal the oven with a concrete sealer. Please let me know if you have any other questions, you can also reach me at 1-800-407-5119 ext 14.



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      Re: My first WFO casa 2G 90

      Thanks HeidiL2011,

      I will contact you regarding what sealer I should put on before adding the tiles and where it can be purchased. I have only been able to find large 20L tubs and that is way to much and expensive.

      The FB floor board that comes with the oven sticks out from the sides approx. 2+ inches. I have cut this to align it with the edges of the oven dome. Is this okay or will it cause me problems. I guess I should have asked sooner as I have already coated the outside with the cement mortar. If it does what am I expecting and how can I correct it.

      Thanks Mike


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        Re: My first WFO casa 2G 90

        Sorry, I am still trying to post some pictures but eveytime I try upload it gives me an upload error. not sure why this is, mabye my picture is to big or as I've read on the sticky about pictures I may need ore posts.