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  • Pizza Oven Glossary

    Some post-holiday reading for ya: We've updated our pizza oven glossary. Everything you ever wanted to know about wood-fired ovens.

    Pizza Oven Glossary | Everything You Need to Know About Pizza Ovens

    If there's a term you would like to see added to the glossary, let us know here, and we will add it!

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    Re: Pizza Oven Glossary

    I would like to see the term "oven curing" replaced with "moisture removal".
    It is extremely confusing for many when discussing curing of concrete and refractory materials (the process of holding moisture in- hydration), then to go on and refer to the opposite process of driving moisture out and giving it the same name.
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      Re: Pizza Oven Glossary

      Hi, David. James writes: "That's a good point. We can clarify that -- for the high temp refractory industry (furnaces, etc.) curing means bringing the refractory to high temperatures 1500F+, where the material sinters (basically melts and reforms) to create ceramic bonds. For those folks, baking the water out of the refectory is part of the "dry out" schedule. Not curing. We'll add that point to the glossary." Thank you!!


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        Re: Pizza Oven Glossary

        I would like to see Perlcrete and Vermicrete included in the glossary since they seem to come up quite often in the forum. Including some basic mixture ratios for common installation uses --like 5:1 perlite/cement for weight bearing perlcrete and 8:1 for rigid insulation (non-load bearing) over a dome-- would also be good.

        I'm not sure if these two terms are "real words" (or ones that have evolved in the forum and similar WFO areas), but it certainly would be helpful to list in the glossary (IMO).

        I'd also like to see a little expansion in the types of perlite that are available (construction-silicon coated, smaller particle size and landscape-not coated, larger, more variable particle size)
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          Re: Pizza Oven Glossary

          Hi, Mike! James says "great idea" and he will work on it. Thank you for the input!


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            Re: Pizza Oven Glossary
            • Some explanation of the 63% ratio, its history and importance to oven performance would be helpful to a newbie.
            • Also, an explanation of the best ratio of flu size to oven opening (a percentage range) would help as well.
            • Any interest in defining a heat (thermal) break in oven design (locations, designs, and materials)?

            These subjects are probably mentioned in the plans, but, are seen repeatedly in the forum discussions; including these subjects in the glossary provides another chance for the newbie to see them during the planning stages.

            Added: Some details of the Home Brew recipe added to the 'refractory mortar' idescription would be helpful to newbies also.
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              Re: Pizza Oven Glossary

              Thank you for all the great feedback! James appreciates your suggestions and will work on updating the glossary. Stay tuned!