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Brick Floor and Vermiculite Concrete

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  • Brick Floor and Vermiculite Concrete

    I just put down my vermiculite concrete and so I am ready to put the brick floor on top of it. However, I was wondering if I need to put a layer of fireclay mix down between the vermiculite concrete and the bricks to keep water etc off, or can I just put the bricks directly ontop of the concrete. (it is already level) Thank you in advanced.

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    Re: Brick Floor and Vermiculite Concrete

    The clay/sand mixture is used only to smooth out places that are not perfectly flat and level, which would leave the brick edges out to interfere with cooking. The sand/clay might give the oven floor some stability from movement over time also.

    If you are flat and level already, you have the option to leave it that way. In a perfect world, your enclosure or stucco cover will keep that area completely dry. However, water would go through the vermicrete and settle on the concrete under the vermicrete, then go down hill from there.
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