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Which tools?

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  • Which tools?

    My new WFO (48" ID) will arrive soon, and I am getting everything ready for that day. I have been making pizzas and using my perforated peel and perforated turning peel, so I will keep using them. My questions is, do I need these? If so, recommendations? Any others?
    • Ash rake
    • Ash shovel
    • Oven brush and scraper
    • Bubble popper

    Thanks in advance.
    (BTW, I will post pics when it arrives)

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    Re: Which tools?

    I bought the tool set from Forno Bravo and have been happy with it:

    Pizza Oven Tool Sets :: Forno Bravo Store


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      Re: Which tools?

      There's another thread located at the link below with some useful stuff:



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        Re: Which tools?

        I see no need for the bubble popper - I think its pretty cool having them on the pizza.
        Check out my pictures here:

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          Re: Which tools?

          I built an ash slot/dump in front of the oven opening and use my brass bristle brush/scraper tool exclusively to clean my oven before baking bread (which has become my primary oven "event" - not pizza). Think about if you are going to put in an ash dump or simply clean out the oven the day after the pizza party. I'm spoiled now because I open the lid to my ash bin that's positioned below the ash slot, brush the ash & coals forward where they drop through the slot into the bin, close the bin cover and don't worry about the dead coals and ash until the bin's full (3-4 firings).

          If you're just doing pizza, it doesn't seem like you'd need more than some kind of ash shovel for the day after cleanup. I did buy a pizza popper and have used it extensively-not for pizza popping-but for positioning pots & pans in & out of the cooking zone. The stainless steel of the popper makes it a pretty good (read strong & sturdy) tool when you need to hook that dutch oven or Cornish Game hens in a skillet that have been pushed deep into the oven.

          I also picked up a 3' piece of 1/2" ID copper pipe and flattened it on one end. The flattened end gives me a little wider air path and increases the velocity of the outflow-makes for a great blow tube (bellows effect) to brighten up the coals when I'm starting or refreshing the fire. After brushing out the coals & ash, the tube also works well to literally blow the hearth floor clean prior to baking-rather than wiping it down with a damp cloth. The ash is lifted up and out the flue with the hot air from the oven.
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