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Looking for a simpler plan...

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  • Looking for a simpler plan...

    I'm trying to build my first oven but I'm not much of a builder.
    I would really like to avoid building a domed roof if I can and just make it a flat roof.
    Does anyone have experience with that?


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    Re: Looking for a simpler plan...

    A dome is pretty much self supporting. A flat roof needs complicated reinforcement, or immense mass to support its self. There are other reasons that ovens look the way they do, mostly having to do with heat flow when cooking.

    The idea that it is hard to build a dome is a myth. Bricks whacked in half, and laid up with homebrew mortar may not look the best, but it will cook just fine.
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      Re: Looking for a simpler plan...

      You could build a square box for the bottom of the oven then cast the oven roof out of refractory concrete, it would be self supporting if planned right.
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        Re: Looking for a simpler plan...

        I built a kiln once with a flat top that was removed as the lid. I drilled holes through the dense firebricks and the whole lot was held together with threaded rod and angle iron. It worked really well but was heavy. In your case it would not have to be removable, although if you dry stacked the walls the whole thing would be easy to dismantle if you wanted to move house.
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          Re: Looking for a simpler plan...

          Don't be intimidated by the dome. It's not nearly as hard as it looks.
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