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wet exposed insulation at opening of oven

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  • wet exposed insulation at opening of oven

    I am considering purchasing a mobile wood fired oven set on a home made
    trailer. The oven is the Forno Bravo modular oven kit with 48' ID. There is no brick arch around the opening. Here is my question....Is there any reason that the insulating fiber board that is under the cooking floor is soaking wet? The oven has been used for 3 years. It is on a large thick cement slab. Because there is no brick arch, the fiber board is exposed. You can see it under the firebrick floor as you face the opening. Firebricks could be moved by me with my hand. Fixable or too much trouble?

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    Welcome Ruberto

    It sounds fixable....But a picture would improve the quality of advice you get here. Can yoiu post a picture?
    Lee B.
    DFW area, Texas, USA

    If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.

    I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.