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    Hi All,

    I've been avidly reading about all the ongoing projects and am absolutely amazed at the quality produced. A Pompeii style WFO WILL be in my yard!
    Being a licensed contractor, I play by the rules, so I called the Building Dep't.
    Lo and behold, a permit is required in my locality...which requires an "engineered set of plans".
    Most of you guys are building on the fly, but it seems I'm not going to get away with that. Here, anything over 6' high requires engineering design and details.
    Has anyone else gone through this and may know of something already done which will satisfy the local Gendarmes?

    Thanks for any info. Ed in Riverside, Ca.

    Ed E.

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    Re: Plans

    did you ever build your oven yet?


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      Re: Plans

      try looking at some cad sites that have downloadable materials, they usually have already drawn plans, some of the plans might cost though


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        Re: Plans

        The rules and regulations vary alot,depending on where you live, etc. All I can speak of is my own personal experiences, being a Contractor also. I have just drawn up my own plans and they usually are fine w/it. If not, they will just ask for clarifications or more info. But, I've always been able to do that from my own experiences. I have no idea just how "particular" they are there,but I'd ask if you can make up your own. If they are clear, legible and provide the info they need to see, they "should" accept your plans. As I said, it's very different in all areas. I'd ask if it were me.
        My Build:

        "Believe that you can and you're halfway there".