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hearth not level?

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  • hearth not level?

    got a little rain here in denver yesterday and i noticed to my dismay the hearth on my primavera70 slopes toward the oven center not away. oven is on a level surface and the floor is level, but the hearth tips ever so slightly inward. the two hearth slabs that sit side by side up front end at a seam before the oven floor starts. water deffinatley moved toward the oven floor then down the seam. the oven floor was dry but the hearth was wet just past the door and in the bottom corners. where did the water go? spent today tryning to keep a small fire going to dry it out...can i punch a weep hole through the hearth at the seam with a small masonry bit to drain future rain water or should i try to grind down the hearth so it drains away from the oven? is this just a dumb newbie question and every Primavera70 does this?

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    Re: hearth not level?

    I think you are over worrying this problem. Most ovens are outdoors and subject to weather. Small amounts of rain are not a problem, but if you have a deluge and you haven't fired your oven for weeks it will pick up moisture and won't be as efficient. A few long gentle fires gets it back to good working condition again.
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      Re: hearth not level?

      thanks david s...
      I actually had it fired that afternoon, buttoned it up for the night and it rained on it...it was still pretty warm in the oven in the morning...I'll stop panicking...I just remembered something about no water on the cooking surface, but I guess that means more like dont hose it out to clean it ;-)