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Bricks vs Mortar

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  • Bricks vs Mortar

    Hi all,

    Been reading this forum for a while now and thank you all for the great inspiration. I am planing to start my first build this spring so you'll see lot more of me. For time being I only one question, or more like series of em regarding one topic. Is it possible to build a dome using a mortar (fire mortar, refractory mortar,...etc) instead of bricks? What would be downside of it and would it perform as good as brick dome?

    My idea is to create a mold out of sand and use the mortar to create a dome, either single peace or break it down into sections. I would use the steel reinforcement into the construction just to give it extra strength.

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    Re: Bricks vs Mortar

    Yes there is plenty of info about cast ovens here. Try searching for cast ovens or castable refractory.
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      Re: Bricks vs Mortar

      Originally posted by david s View Post
      Yes there is plenty of info about cast ovens here. Try searching for cast ovens or castable refractory.
      I've read lots of post on this subject and definitely interested in building my oven this way. From what I can tell it's lot faster, easier and cheaper. One thing that I am not clear on is the performance of the castable ovens compared to brick ones? Does anyone have any research on this?


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        Re: Bricks vs Mortar

        If you are thinking about casting an oven, check out IronPony's thread. This is probably the nicest cast oven I have seen. Were I to do this over again, I would think about using that approach

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          Re: Bricks vs Mortar

          I just ran into this product
          Castable Refractory Cement at Menards

          Has anyone used it before?

          Castable Refractory Cement by MEECO'S Red Devil
          Create custom cement shapes to replace worn-out firebrick or fill large holes or cracks in masonry fireboxes with Castable Refractory Cement

          Castable refractory cement
          Ideal for casting into custom shapes
          Use to replace worn-out firebrick
          Dry material that mixes with water
          Chemically sets and dries rock hard
          Can be cast in irregualr shapes
          Fill large holes/cracks in masonry fireboxes
          Can be used as a solid stone bed
          May be used in outdoor fire pits
          12.5 lbs. casts a block 12"x12"x1-1/4"
          Light brown when cured

          Ship Dim: 11.0 x 11.0 x 11.0
          Shipping Weight: 25.0 lbs


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            Re: Bricks vs Mortar

            did you use this product?


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              Re: Bricks vs Mortar

              yes I did, it worked great.