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Electric Oven?

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  • Electric Oven?

    HI everyone, my first post

    I was at an Italian restaurant that has an open kitchen. They have a oven that is made from brick/concrete. The oven has 2 or 3 shelves for baking pizzas.

    I am pretty sure its electric. Possibly a heating element somewhere that heats the concrete/brick shelves.

    I'd like to have build a similar oven.

    Unfortunately, the owner of the restaurant will not devulge how he made the oven.

    I am pretty sure its simple and cheap.

    All help appreciated.

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    Re: Electric Oven?

    I once talked to a guy that made one using the heating elements from an electric oven. He said that before you use them for the first time you can bend them into any shape you would like to. I know here in michigan gas ovens are much more popular so you can usually get electric ovens for free and could scavange the controls from them.(I rehabbed an electric kiln this way) Just a thought