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WFO materials question

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  • WFO materials question

    Hi all

    Im a new Memebr from Hyderabad, India.

    this website is really great and helpfull in understanding wood fired ovens.

    I have a serious aspiration to start my own italian pizza restaurant in india. I have few basic questions. kindly guid me by answering them so that I can enquire on the materials for the WFO. Please provide options wherever possible.

    1) What kind of insulation is good under the frie bricks ( Base)

    2) What kind of insulation is good around the firebricks on the dome.

    3) What kind of cement I need to used to bridge the gap between bricks while building the oven.

    4) Do I need to coat the dome bricks before I apply insulation on the dome.

    I really appreciate your time in helping me.

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    Re: WFO materials question

    Hi,Have you downloaded the Plans from Forno Bravo..?
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