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    Trying to incorporate the construction of my WFO with house renovations is a tricky thing. For those of you who have constructed a WFO with an enclosure, how long did it take you from when you broke ground until you finished your oven?

    Link to my oven build on YouTube:


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    Re: Oven Timeline

    That's a loaded question. Maybe be more specific...an oven for personal or for a client? The ones I have built for clients range from 4-6 weeks depending on the design. For a personal oven...well, let's just say I'll get it done when I have the time to work on it.
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      Re: Oven Timeline

      Mine took a year from start to finish. As Stonecutter said, it depends on how much time you can put into it.
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        Re: Oven Timeline

        took me about 3-4 months to get the slab up and close the dome, mostly because I had to take a lot of breaks for weather
        Another 6 weeks to get a function enclosure up - but I also built an entire outdoor kitchen so it was more work than just the dog house

        And a year later, I still have a few things to finish up!
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          Re: Oven Timeline

          Mine took about 4 or 5 weekends, but then I am a champion......
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            Re: Oven Timeline

            Mine took 3 months from laying first brick to closing dome, but I am pretty slow and not too mechanical, good luck!


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              Re: Oven Timeline

              First of all, FYI....I had no brick & mortar experience going into my "retirement project" of a WFO. Here's the date summary for the project. Other than the initial base slab pour, I worked either by myself or with one of my brother in laws. I was teaching a three credit college class during the June-August oven build and was just working when I could on the oven...which seemed like very little time every day, but I just kept pecking away at the job.

              6/17/2009 - 8/29/2009
              Had a large base slab poured & finished (hired job) for the entire area 18' x 18', built an oven foundation, poured the slab, and cut/mortared bricks in oven. Curing fires at the beginning of September.

              9/10/2009 - 10/31/2009
              Build the insulating dome over the actual (brick) cooking portion of the oven.

              As Stonecutter said "That's a loaded question..." but since I essentially did the oven work myself, just working part time on it...the basic time of a little over two months for the basic oven, another month + to finish the insulation dome, and then...

              3/8/2010 - 6/14/2010
              Built the screened enclosure around the original 18 x 18 slab and now completed oven.

              ...a little over three months to build the screened enclosure around the oven.

              Hope that helps, but no matter how you look at it (at least from my perspective) it will take a couple months to go from ground to curing fires if you do the work yourself and want to have a life during the build. Good luck and know that I would do this again in a heart-beat! It is well worth it!
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                Re: Oven Timeline

                Mine took exactly one month, from the day we broke ground. All in all, it was really only a good 6-7 days of solid work.


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                  Re: Oven Timeline

                  A week if it is your job.