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Build my Owen pizza hacker at Weber Ground

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  • Build my Owen pizza hacker at Weber Ground

    Hello here !

    I have been Reading here for a While and are very impressed by the knowledge and skills you all possessiv, so i hope for some help with my Owen project.

    I am the owner of several Weber grills, but dont own at Real Brick oven.

    I would really like to build one, but my Wife is between a big Brick oven and m? ;( so in first place i would like to make a High temperature Brick replica,based ?n perlite concrete.

    I have been looking ?n buying the kettle pizza kit for my weber but Think that paying 150 euros for some steel is to much, and there isent much building my own oven in that.

    So therefore i have purchased 200 liters of perlite, and 25 kilogram of cement fondue from lafarge.
    With this i want to make m? a new top and a raiser for my Weber.
    And i am also thinking of Casting a new Button, so that ist a hole new grill oven.

    My main issue now is, what is the perfect formula for this cast concrete ?
    And how do i get some good form to make the concrete top and raisers ?

    D? i use plywood ? Some plast products ? About the top , i Think that i Will use the original Weber top.

    The reason why i want to use perlite is because off the Weight and insulation...and combined with this aluminatebased cement it should be possible to make strong concrete that withstands the heat.

    I also have a 7 kw gasburner for the project, that im thinking of using Like in the little Black egg pizza ovens.

    Sorry for the long argumentation, i hope that some of you Will help m? progress in this project even if you Think that i just should build a Real pizza oven istead off using energy ?n some replica Weber gas oven.

    Manu kind regards thomas

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    Re: Build my Owen pizza hacker at Weber Ground

    Are you still working on this project? Take a look at my posts about my small oven.
    I started out with a plan like yours.



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      Re: Build my Owen pizza hacker at Weber Ground

      Maybe try a flower pot over the weber or cut a slot in it first if you want????

      ................a poor mans green egg