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Shape of dome

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  • Shape of dome


    I have a question regarding the shape of the dome. Its is necessary the dome be curved?

    If i made the oven a cuboid (i.e. rectangular ) would it make a major difference? I am planning to build one but I know i will have trouble with the curved dome so i was thinking a flat dome.

    Please let me know your opinions.


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    Re: Shape of dome

    A flat ceiling in the oven sounds like a very, very bad idea to me. First, the curved dome actually reflects heat to the center of the floor and that is part of the secret of the domed oven performance. Secondly, as a practical matter, the dome shape is based on the physical characteristics of an arch; meaning, each brick rests on the brick immediately below it. Without that arch shape, it will be very difficult to hold the ceiling up. The arch is really not that difficult once you understand what is going on and how to do it.

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      Re: Shape of dome

      The type of arch you are contemplating is actually harder to build than a spherical dome.


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        Re: Shape of dome

        I am making a paper amchie dome . once I have many layers of paper amchie it will sit inside on the base and then I can build the bricks around it leaning on the paper dome to hold in place until the refractory cement sets. also once all the bricks are in place they will interlock and hold each other into place . also I thought once it is all done I can set fire to the paper machie dome and it will burn inside the oven as the 1st firing.