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My New Casa2G90 - Curing

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  • My New Casa2G90 - Curing

    This is my first post and I'm beyond excited. Attached is a photo of my new oven being cured. It has since finished the curing process and tonight is the official kickoff! Thank you FB for a wonderful oven. I can't believe how well it holds heat. I had no clue!! I'll be surprised if my indoor kitchen gets used much going forward.

    Keep the posts coming on tips and advise. It has been very useful and informative.

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    Re: My New Casa2G90 - Curing

    ok this is my first post, first pizza oven and I like you am over the top!! The oven was completed on the 4th of July. I know that it needs to sit for one week, then I start a series of low temp fires and leave each one burning as long as possible. My question: How do you keep the temp low? How many pieces of wood? Do I only use twigs? Leave the door closed? I don't want to get the fire too hot as I understand it could be too radical and cause problems. I am anxious and would like more than anything not to screw up this incredible addition into my life....


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      Re: My New Casa2G90 - Curing

      Many of us used charcoal brickets for a few fires, no flames, which are a cause of temp spikes, can move around pretty easy and you can get temps in the 300 F range. No combustion air if you close the door.
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        Re: My New Casa2G90 - Curing


        I'm sorry, but I was out of the Country and just returned. Congrats on your new oven!! I too was apprehensive about maintaining a consistent curing heat. I started with just a couple of small pieces of wood and just monitored it for the first few days constantly. I would get temperature swings and would pull the fire apart to separate the fuel and cool it down. After the first couple of days, it got easier to manage as the overall temp requirement went up.

        I did read the post about using charcoal, but I thought I had read somewhere that charcoal is not suppose to be used.

        One more suggestion I have in regards to starting your fire, get a torch. I was using a creme brulee torch, but just purchased a BernzOMatic propane torch from the hardware store. Makes it very easy to start the oven. Tim the Tool Man would be proud!!

        By now, you have probably already starting cooking. How was your first pizza?


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          Re: My New Casa2G90 - Curing

          Sid, thanks for the thoughts and input on the butane torch....I so love to use the big girl tools! I am still curing-tomorrow I plan on doing some type of cooking in it-no pizza though-pizza party Friday- thanks for asking!