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Over 3tons of Cement bags by hand?

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  • Over 3tons of Cement bags by hand?

    Okay, have everything lined up and trying to figure out how people with no direct access to the backyard for deliver, handle getting the cement to the back yard for the foundation and second tier slab.

    If most people just rent a gas powered wheel barrow and order a cement truck, do they have the equivalent of 80 80lb bags of premix delivered to their driveway and shovel it to their back yard, or if they actually have 80 80lb bags of cement delivered and they haul them to the back yard bag by bag.

    Also do most people go with bags of cement or do they get the lose mix delivered?

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    Re: Over 3tons of Cement bags by hand?

    80 bags is about 2 yards, that is beyond what most homeowners want to hand mix. If you can find a mixer that will hold 6-8 bags it is doable, but better to order a truck with 3 yards and wheelbarrow it in. You will need at least 3 wheelbarrows and suckers, I mean friends, to man them.


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      Re: Over 3tons of Cement bags by hand?

      I have eyeballed the powered wheelbarrow and some of those things are the bomb. If you can rent one and have ready mix delivered, that would be the way to go.

      Otherwise get five friends and three wheelbarrows and hope the tires hold up til your done.

      80 bags by hand... get ten friends that you don't want to be friends with after today.
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        Re: Over 3tons of Cement bags by hand?

        I'm an "old fart" and haven't even heard of a gas powerd whee lbarrow until your post. What will they think of next .

        I won't try and tackle "what most do people do with no direct access to the back yard?" But, you have a few options, based on your local resources.

        When I built my saferoom, I leased a concrete pump for the job. The base price was for the pump and two operators for 2 hours. It was furnished by a separate company from the concrete company. Nowadays, the concrete company will send a truck that can pump straight from the truck to the project. You will need to talk to your local concrete company to discuss if either of these options are available to you.

        Back in the day, with three people we were able to pour some pretty good sized back yard projects by hand. By setting a scafold board runner on top the grass we were able to wheel heavy wheelbarrows to the project pretty easily. Most of the time we wheeled straight from the truck to the pour. There will be an extra charge if the truck is on site for too long. You will need to discuss this also with the concrete company.

        Sometimes we set up our mixer in the driveway and wheeled the wet mix to the back. In those days, that meant getting bagged portland and a load of sandgravel delivered to the site. That also meant having to remove all unused aggregate after the pour. Nowadays the bagged mix is by far a better option that that .
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          Re: Over 3tons of Cement bags by hand?

          On two oven builds I shuttled concrete from the truck at the front of the home to my slab form around the back of the home in a loader bucket...both were about 4 yard pours.
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            Re: Over 3tons of Cement bags by hand?

            My backyard is 50 steps up from the street, no alley access. I used bags for my hearth pour - but I hired two guys to carry them up the stairs. For the concrete wall I had built I had a pumper truck like the one Gulf mentioned.
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              Re: Over 3tons of Cement bags by hand?

              I did what Stone just suggested. My neighbor had a tractor with a front bucket capable of hauling a little over a 1/4 yard of concrete at a time. It worked very well and was fairly quick. We did not incur any additional charges from the Concrete company either for additional time at stop.

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                Re: Over 3tons of Cement bags by hand?

                I have a garden cart that pulls behind the lawn tractor and has a dump. We moved a yard in about 10 quick trips.