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Building brick oven from existing brick grill

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  • Building brick oven from existing brick grill

    Ok, I have been reading the forum for great info, but had a specific question. My family wants to build a brick wood burning oven. We are going to hire a mason to do it, but had some basic questions for anyone who can help.

    We have an old unused brick grill in the corner of our yard when we moved in. We wanted to use it as a base since its sturdy (although not fire brick i dont think). Is that ok if the base isnt fire brick?

    We spoke to a mason about adding a fire brick floor on top of it, then either a square or round dome on top also of fire brick.

    Does there have to be clay on top? Also, i read there needs to be a special high heat mortar?

    Lastly, do we have to have a door, or is it ok to be left open all the time.

    Thanks for any info as we decide whether or not to pull the trigger!

    My main concern was safety, so if any of this seems like it wont work, you wont hurt my feelings.

    Thank you!