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firing the oven

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  • firing the oven

    If I fire my oven for 1 hour (I need a temperature of around 230 degrees celsius) how long will it retain its heat?



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    Re: firing the oven

    That's a great question Emma but I suspect that the answer is different for every oven since there are many different variations of oven shapes and sizes, hearth thicknesses and insulation characteristics for dome and hearth. Open door or closed off oven with sealed chimney? How hot a fire for that hour? White or black oven when done? Ambient temperature at start?....you get the idea, it's very hard to give you a accurate response!

    I think you just have to fire up your oven and try to keep track of how it performs

    Ovens will operate on a temperature curve, with a constant but slow cooling after the heat source is gone. FB might have some general temperature curves charts for their ovens.

    If you have more specifics on your oven design, there may be people here that can give you an educated guess.

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      Re: firing the oven

      Thanks for your reply Jim. Actually I don't have an oven but I am speaking hypothetically because I am writing my thesis on ovens. I just need some rough answers so that I can do some simple calculations about heat loss etc.
      I have said that my oven is 1.2m x 1.5m with firebrick walls 6 inches thick with insulation. The temperature of the oven needs to be at 230 degrees celsius. (I don't know about how hot the fire would need to be to achieve this temperature so that it maintains for a period of time after the fire is out.) The door will be closed with an open chimney. It will be a white oven with an ambient temperature to start. But really I just need a rough guide.

      I'll have a look and see if I can find one of those charts you mentioned and in the meantime can anyone else help me out?!

      Thanks again



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        Re: firing the oven

        Emma, Check out the thread 3 days of cooking for my heat retention experience...
        My Oven Thread: