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High Aluminium cement

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  • High Aluminium cement

    I have almost finished my oven
    I am up to the insulation I have used clay bricks and fireclay mortar inside and thermo blocks outside

    Now my work has giving me 4 x 50kg drums of High Aluminium cement Trade name Taycor 414FH 0-3 which are out of date (even though it doesn't really go out of date) they use it in high temp glass melter
    This stuff is used in metal forges able to get 4 x hoter than any pizza oven

    now my question is do I use it to line the inside of oven or keep it to make a mould of a future oven ?


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    Re: High Aluminium cement

    http://www.anhrefractories.com/produ..._HYDROCAST.pdf Well it looks like it could be cool. the link goes to a materials spec sheet. Says it is good for thin walled castings. I'd love to have a barrel of that myself, just to play with.
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      Re: High Aluminium cement

      Sounds like great stuff. It must have been pretty expensive. I wonder how thick they mean when they say "thin walled castings." It's 94% alumina and designed for 3000ºF. Hah, you could melt a pizza into glass at that temperature.

      I don't think you would want or need to line the inside of the oven -- your brick should a good job of retaining and storing heat for cooking. I think you can save it for another project.
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        Re: High Aluminium cement may be too high

        (M) I'd be concerned about the difference in thermal expansion between a mortar of 94% alumina and bricks at about 30% alumina. I'm no engineer but it seems counter intuitive to have a cement with such different properties than the bricks it holds together. Remember that you are not going to be baking your pizza at 3000 degrees.

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          Re: High Aluminium cement

          While I was researching castable refractories for my oven, Dave at ANH (Richmond, CA) told me that density is a good indicator of insulation properties. The 414FH is relatively high, so it will have relatively low insulation. This material is ideal for casting an oven, but I would not use it to line a brick oven. Concretes have about double the thermal coefficient of expansion of fire brick and will tear the brickoven apart from the inside. I second James, save it for the next project.



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            Re: High Aluminium cement

            Thanks for the replies
            I will keep it for an other project as I have already cooked my first pizza in the oven and the bricks were fine without the High Aluminium cement