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High Heat Mortar Mix question

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  • High Heat Mortar Mix question

    Hello, I have conflicting formulas (by different dealers/people etc..)
    One mix is thi:
    1 part cement, i part fireclay
    another is:
    1 part cement, 1 part fireclay, 10-12 parts sand

    Seems like an awful big difference in mixes, or is it just me???

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    Re: High Heat Mortar Mix question

    Hi Frenchcanuck
    I have almost finished my Pompeii, only the final mosaic tiling to complete and I used a well tried and proven mix for my firebrick mortar, as 3 parts brick layers sand, 1 part hydrated lime, 1 part fireclay and 1 part portland cement.
    I have used it for 4 large cookups and no sign of problems.
    I certainly would NOT USE either of the formulas that you mentioned.
    I would recommend using a brickie sand rather than a washed concrete or plaster sand, but I don't know what you have vailable in your district.

    Hope this helps. I have a full pictorial build and explanation in the 'Brick oven photos' forum if you want to follow my construction.

    All the best with yours.

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      Re: High Heat Mortar Mix question

      I concur with Neill. That is the exact formula I used for the barrel vaulted bread oven I constructed. It was a recipe I got through the grandson of a oven mason in Czechoslovakia. The only alteration I made was on the wall bricks where some people lay dry joints I used straight fireclay mixed with water. Other than that all joints are mortared with that recipe!
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