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  • building permits

    Just curious,
    I can't decide whether or not to pursue a building permit prior to making a patio pizza oven - Pompeii style.
    Any thoughts on this issue?
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    Re: building permits

    I was curious because I did and didn't want to know the answer .

    I checked with my building dept - they don't regulate outside structures such as BBQ etc. (don't think they even know what a pizza oven). And my zoning department said since it isn't even on their "accesory structure" list I "could" build it right on the property line.

    I should be good to go next spring.

    I just think it depends on where you live. I'm a worrier by nature so this put me at ease.



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      Re: building permits

      I inquired with my city building inspection office and was told much the same thing.....I guess that classifies as an outdoor B B Q, the only code that applies would be fire code - check with the fire dept.
      As it turns out, if this structure or any structure I build is under 100 sq ft (10 x 10 or or equivelent) , no building permit is required unless it involves plumbing or electrical (my oven has neither).
      As for the fire code (national fire code was quoted) - the chimney must rise 2 ft above the highest point of any structure within 10 ft. I build mine right at the 10 ft mark from my pool screen enclosure; to be safe I made the chimney 2 ft higher so there would be no question.

      bottom line, it would be advisable to check on permits and code, I know there have been a couple of oven builders in south FL that DID have to have permits and build their ovens to certain code standards - but no issue for me near Tampa. Codes can and do vary by city or county.