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Oven opening into room or not?

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  • Oven opening into room or not?

    What's the feasability of having the oven opening into a room? We've just finished framing a sunroom and I'm thinking of adding a 42" Pompeii oven on the backside of the room, with the oven opening coming into the room. I like the idea of using the oven year-round without having to put on snow boots, but I do have a few concerns:

    Is there anything I should worry about with the construction design as it ties into the wall framing?

    Is it wise to fire an oven that could possibly be in below zero weather for a long period of time? Will the mortar/bricks crack?

    Will the oven generate so much heat in the room that it will be unbearable in summer?

    Can the oven be used as a fireplace of sorts for heating/ambience?

    Thanks in advance for your help. Wisconsin winter is on the way so I'll have plenty of time to plan before construction can begin.


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    Re: Oven opening into room or not?

    If you build your oven into your house, you need to follow all building codes and run it by your building inspector. It will follow the same codes as a residential fireplace. I like the idea myself: it's a nuisance to trudge out in the back yard on these dark nights to cook pizza.
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