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I finally heard those words

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  • I finally heard those words

    I had a few folks over for pizza last night and heard those wonderful words, "This is the best pizza I have ever tasted!" I was thrilled. I used the sourdough starter from Peter Reinhart's book Crust and Crumb for my "poolish" of pizza dough. I made about six pizzas and the last one was the best...I think the fire was just right and the oven floor was really hot.

    Later I pulled out the coals and cooked a pot roast with vegies. My iron dutch oven was pitted and rusty (I plan to refurbish it...it was my husband's grandmother's), so I lined it with aluminum foil and put the ingredients in a big crockpot liner inside of it. Came out great....although I am looking forward to cooking it directly on the cast iron.

    Fire question: At some point, the fire was licking up the chimney. Is that bad? I pushed the coals back some and waited a minute or too before cooking the pizza.

    I haven't sent a picture of my finished oven because it is not finished, but I will finish it someday and post my photo.

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    Re: I finally heard those words

    Once the dome goes completely white. I find it best to let the oven rest for a bit. That allows the heat to better even out throughout the oven. Then toss on a log or two and it IS best to have the flames licking the dome. So it sounds to me as if you had everything just perfect!

    Congrats on the great pizza. It is pretty amazing about the difference in the pizza cooked in a WFO as compared to the kitchen oven.

    Try to post some pics it would be fun to see your oven and pizzas.

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      Re: I finally heard those words

      Hi krosskraft,

      As far as I know it is perfectly normal to have the flames licking up your chimney. Sounds as if you got it just right there.

      As a small asside to your other post, I LIKE "plan-as-you-go" building - keeps things interesting, right?

      "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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        Re: I finally heard those words

        G'day Krosskraft,
        You're some weeks (months?) ahead of me.Had hoped to be up and running by Christmas (summer here eh, so who wants to cook inside?) Ah well,bleep happens.
        I live for the day when I "Hear Those Words".
        Onya mate.