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nuisance to neighbors

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  • nuisance to neighbors

    Hi all,

    I've lurking for a while and now I'm ready to build one!!!
    I'm a computer programmer so I have no skill whatsoever with tools and stuff, So this place is great for me

    I was wondering how much of a nuisance the smoke and wood burning is to neighbors?
    My land is about 7500sq feet.

    I would hate to build the thing and then have to destroy it because of neighbors complaining...

    I guess if I burn very dry hard wood it would produce less smoke.

    Anyone care to share on this subject ?



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    Re: nuisance to neighbors


    My first suggestion is to check if any codes exist that would give your neighbors any teeth. A properly functioning WFO will create smoke in the initial firing but then burn hot enough as to eliminate visible smoke. Think of a camp fire. When it is starting it smokes but when it's roaring you don't see any smoke again until it cools down.

    (This is a big reason those who like to smoke meat do it at low temperatures, ie a low or non existent flame. More smoke! Temps of 250-300 and higher don't yield smoke.)

    Once you get it built and get a handle on making pizza invite them over for some. What better way to win hearts and minds than with a tasty hot pizza from your new oven?




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      Re: nuisance to neighbors


      I had to put my oven a lot closer to my property line than I wanted. I checked with them and they are cool with it. I did check zoning and I'm kosher there...

      I agree with Stuart about inviting them over. My neighbors are getting excited now that I've got the foundation done.

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        Re: nuisance to neighbors

        In reality, unless I am intentionally smoking something in my oven, there isn't any more smoke produced than the average charcoal or gas B-b-q.

        Also, how many of your neighbors have one of those patio firepits or chimneas? A lot of people must be buying them, every Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot sells them.
        Yes, it will smoke a bit on start up, after that the only smoke you will really see or smell will be from intentionally smoking - or attempting to burn green wood.
        By all means, invite your neighbors over for pizza - or whatever you choose to cook. Goes a loooong way in keeping good relations. I invited mine over several times because I drove them nuts with the endless use of my tile saw. No one ever complained, but I know they were tired of hearing it(I certainly was). All is forgiven over great pizza.



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          Re: nuisance to neighbors

          I did check the city code and basically it says I can build an outdoor fireplace or cooking stove but it must be less then 10ft tall so I'm ok but it also said that if it's nuisance to the neighbors that the city can force me to take it down.

          From what you guys said it sounds like it's no worse then a gas BBQ grill or coal grill and less smoky then a fire pit. GREAT!

          Inviting the neighbors is a must. Maybe they'll want me to help them build their own pizza oven after they taste my pizzas


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            Re: nuisance to neighbors

            Maybe talk to them in advance and tell them what you're planning to build. See if they seem alarmed about the possiblilies of smoke close by. Someone might have asthma etc. that could be a problem, so you'd want to know ahead of time if you had potential problems.

            I agree, offers of free pizza may be the best incentive to make your neighbors want you to build an oven.
            Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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              Re: nuisance to neighbors

              Once you are up and running, invite your neightbors over for a pizza.

              If they know what you are doing, their complaints are likley to either disapear or be constructive.


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                Re: nuisance to neighbors

                Habman, the one part I see missing in your details regarding square footage is where the yard and home sits. You could have no back yard, neighbor right on top of you (homes), etc. Do a CAD or some way of expressing free area for building. This will also help you to know the size of the oven to be, how you can explain the purpose to the neighbors, and the planning. With regards to nuissance, I say anything can be a nuissance. If you want to cook outside, the city can't stop it, that can easily be challenged. How many people where you live have outdoor barbeques? How many on city council? Point made. I personally don't think you need to be worried about neighbors, just how you plan to position your oven for usage, winds, proximity to home and neighbors, space of yard.
                An excellent pizza is shared with the ones you love!

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