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  • Thermometer

    I am nearly ready to christen my oven and am wondering what others use to keep an eye on temperature.
    what sort of range do I need my thermometre to register? What are thermocouplers for? What is the most cost effective way to measure my ovens temp? I'm on a very tight budget. Total spend now ?31.50.
    Thanks again for your help.

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    Re: Thermometer

    Hard to grab a infrared for less than 60-70 U.S. dollars.

    The cheaper ones go up to 950f. ... For a little more money you can get one that reads higher temps.(that's the way I would go)

    I don't have one, but I have a couple thermocouples and a thermocouple reader.
    But you can survive without either. ( i got them on ebay, total cost $50..)
    Just burn until the dome turns white, and all the soot is gone.

    Spread your coals evenly on the floor. Let the oven rest for 20 - 30 minutes so temps can even out. Then push the coals to the back, clean the floor, and throw a new log on the coals. ( for light and it helps with cooking the tops some)

    Then cook your pizzas, you will learn a bunch just by cooking often.

    Let me know what you end up doing, curiosity and all!

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      Re: Thermometer

      Hi Nick...........an infra-red thermometer is what you want. Best place is e-bay. Check this link..............eBay UK Shop - VirtualVillage-UK-Alpha: Meters and Gauges, Accessories, String Instruments Just key in thermometers in search. You can get one delivered for ?32. I know it doubles your costs but it is an investment. It will read up to 520 C or 968 F. The gadget shop sells the same one (in a different colour) for 10 quid more. As Dave says a higher temp would cost a little more.


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        Re: Thermometer

        That's brilliant, thanks. I have just ordered one.
        Have just uploaded the finished item photo's to the site as well.