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where do i start?

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  • where do i start?

    i am from trinidad,my dad is from tobago. every summer when i was a lad, my dad used to take us to tobago to visit granma and grandad. thet had a clay oven where they cooked there meals, and a fire pit in the ground also. I am now in my 50s, live in the country on 80 acres just outside of winnipeg manitoba, canada. I wanted to build a clay oven like granma and grandad had, but this isn't the tropics. I think that a brick oven is better in this climate. I have plans for the clay oven which came in one of the issues of Harrowsmith Countrylife magazine. However, like I mentioned, a brick oven would be better suited for this climate. I love gardening and cooking, you should taste the roti I make. I have six gran kids, who just love coming out here. So how do I go about constructing the brick oven?

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    Re: where do i start?

    Hi Happy!
    Start by downloading the e-book from the forno bravo store (it is free). Then read a bunch of posts here and look at the photo gallery....then ask questions.

    Instruction Manuals & e-Books :: Forno Bravo Store

    Have fun!
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      Re: where do i start?

      thank you drakeremoray,I'll do that


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        Re: where do i start?

        Welcome aboard.

        A great place to start is Ken's thread.

        He did outstanding work, and documented his progress throughout.

        Take a look for a good visual guide.

        But remember, he set the bar really high!

        Here is a link:


        Great to have ya!

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          Re: where do i start?

          Hi Happy...............Welcome to the forum. Take your time............read a lot, and plan what suits your expectation. It will be a great experience.

          It's a while since I had roti........yummo as our American friends would say........


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            Re: where do i start?

            Lots of good information and experience on this site.

            If you are in Winnipeg, you should pay attention to the discussion on foundation - you will have to consider the frost depth. You can either go below (4 feet ?) or build a thick enough base slab that it can "float" on any frost heaving.

            You will also have to pay attention to the final enclosure. It will have to be water proof - freeze / thaw will damage the brickwork if water gets in.


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              Re: where do i start?

              Don't forget to check out my buddy Dave's thread; he built a favoloso oven on an amazingly tight budget!

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