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stand size and foundation depth confusion

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  • stand size and foundation depth confusion

    Sorry for my first and very stupid question, but...
    I found that guidelines for corner installation described in "Pompeii Oven? Plans" (page 15 to be exact, stand is 62x62" for 43" oven) differ of what is said on the other pages for standard installation (page 13, for example - 69" x 76" for 42").

    I'm going to get into 42-43" (corner inst.) story, so, what size of stand and foundation should I use?

    And another (I hardly hope not so stupid) question regarding depth of foundation.
    Soil frost line here (in Moscow) is about 60" (1.5 m), subterranean water level normally is about 90" (2.3 m), soil in my yard is so hard (on the depth of 40-60 cm) that it requires some special technic to dig it (heavy sand clay - I hope that I've used the right term).

    What is acceptable depth of foundation (gravel and concrete)?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: stand size and foundation depth confusion

    For a 43 inch corner installation, the calculation goes:

    43 + 9 (I'm guessing your bricks are 4.5 inches wide - adjust this number as necessary to get the outside diameter of the brick dome) + 12 (6 inches insulation thickness) + two times the thickness of your planned finish material. If you use stucco, then just a couple of inches more. If you use framing, the something like 7 inches more. Somewhere around 72 inches on each side for a corner installation. If you use 3 inches of insulation blanket vs. vermiculite/concrete, you can scale it down six inches.

    An inch or so bigger or smaller on the oven size is not going to make a big difference in your capacity. You can kind of build the dome to fit the base/hearth that you built.

    As far as depth of the footing - I'll defer to more knowledgeable people.
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      Re: stand size and foundation depth confusion

      Thank you!
      Now figures for the corner installation in the plan (on the page 15) look even more mysterious: I can't get a clue what 48" of external diameter can mean anyhow.
      It's look like a mistake.

      UPDATE. I've got a clue. That are figures from Prefabricated Refractory Pizza Ovens Installation Guide - and they are just not suitable for the brick dimensions.
      Thank you again!