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TV show of building WFT

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  • TV show of building WFT

    I am miffed. I just watched one of those "do it yourself" shows on television where a team of people did an entire backyard makeover for a woman, including a pizza oven. IN THREE DAYS!!!! I just want to give everyone considering building a wood-fired oven the gift of TIME and PATIENCE in building your oven. Don't be suckered in by television shows. It was a beautiful oven, but they built it on a sand and minus foundation, concrete blocks, some kind of sand hearth, and didn't let any of the mortar cure before putting in the oven and applying stone to the outside. It seemed a shame to hurry such a project. (I watched the whole show to see if they were going to fire it up, but they didn't) Anyway, I think 3-4 months is a very reasonable expectation to complete an oven...some may go faster and some slower.

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    Re: TV show of building WFT

    Poor oven! I wonder how it worked - or should I say if...

    Hey, I take that nearly that long to make the dough!
    "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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      Re: TV show of building WFT

      I am almost finished with an AS WFO - started mid June last year, with four months winter nap.

      As I told wife, "art" takes time!!