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Bread in Vesuvio or Toscano

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  • Bread in Vesuvio or Toscano

    Trying to decide between Vesuvio/ Toscano or Premio . Vesuvio/ Toscano have 2" thick domes and Premio has 3" dome. If I'm cooking pizzas in any of these ~ 750 would they all stay hot enough to cook bread the next day?

    This forum is amazingly helpful.
    Thanks for any info

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    Don’t ask us we’re the homebuilder’s forum, very generously supported by Forno Bravo, so ask Fornobravo, they’re the manufacturers, so should be able to answer questions about their ovens’ performance.
    But generally the thicker walls (more thermal mass) and better insulation of any oven govern its heat retention. The drawback is longer heat up time and greater fuel consumption.
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