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    I think I posted this in the wrong place...


    I'm going to be starting my oven here in a week or so, and I have looked over the plans thoroughly, but no where does it discuss an Ash Dump. Other plans I've consulted have one, and I was wondering if anyone has created the space. It seems really useful, but...


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    Re: Ash Dump

    I think a couple people on the site have one, but most opt out of it. The word is that they get in the way. I don't have one myself, so I really can't comment on it. Doesn't seem to be too much trouble to just brush them out with a metal dustpan though.
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      Re: Ash Dump


      Viewed your oven progress photos and had a couple of comments. First you did a great job and certainly can take pride in a project well done.

      I noticed you stacked your firewood flush against a building(your home?). Unless you are located in a termite free area, this is never a good idea.

      On the insulation that you wrapped around the dome, how did you attach it, or does that insulfrax(not sure if that is what it is) simply stay pretty well where you put it?

      I like your idea of turning the blocks sideways in front. Wish I had thought of that prior to building my stand. Now i must figure a way to get the two probes(one in dome and the other in the center of the floor) easily outside the oven. The probes have a phone cord type extension on them and unless anchored will spring back inside.

      Is that chimney a 6" or 8" one? It appears to be drawing very well in either case.

      I didn't see a door for the oven. Did you build one yet?

      Again, good job,

      Jim Bob