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  • Aussie readers

    Has anyone built the Igloo style pizza oven, that was shown on the better homes and garden program in June 08?
    If you have or thinking about building the pizza oven, let me know, I would like to exchange ideas.
    Leados in SA

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    Re: Aussie readers

    don't waste your time with Home and Garden.
    The Pompeii oven from Forno Bravo is much, much better. Mine is an absolute beaut and impresses everyone who sees and eats from it.
    The information that you get from these forum members is better than any magazine ot TV show special. What's more, it's all free along with all the e cookbooks etc.

    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

    The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

    Neillís Pompeiii #1
    Neillís kitchen underway


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      Re: Aussie readers

      I too had a look at that idea but quickly abandoned it in favour of the Pompei style on this site.
      My opinion is that the detail and support is here at this site.
      I haven't built yet but i know when i do start, all the info is here.
      My $0.02 worth



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        Re: Aussie readers

        Who put you on to this mongrel site? Some arseole, eh.

        Mate, we (I, actually), began a cheap "earth oven" project.(Cause the barbie is cactus eh, so it's remove or remodel: I chose the religious route and built over what was once a sacred (albeit inferior) site.
        Went into town, (Bundaberg), looking for a few floor bricks, and I was bowled over by the reception I got.
        Maybe I'm lucky, and I know I'm blessd. [Crap! I can't even spell the word. Tidak apa apa.]
        Even though the mob at the brickworks knew I wasn't there to buy $50,000 in bricks, they went well out of their way to explain different refractory properties of raw materials, most of which I knew. (Sorry, I'm a potential smartarse: I can tell shit from clay, and a good red cask wine from an expensive bullshit label.)
        So what?
        So they introduced me to FornoBravo.

        Leados, if I was to free fall into the Wood Fired Oven community a second time, I would hope to be so lucky again.
        jeff the luddite.
        ps. contact me re bricks, eh. jh.


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          Re: Aussie readers

          Mate, having read my previous post seventy or eighty times, (and No: why do you ask? OCD--? hahaha. Not here. Dyslectics need not apply.)
          Promise to you, my man.Within the limits of my Carers digital skills, there shall appear a sequence of images of our dome-building procedure*. I reckon it's pretty good: but further than that, you look around and you adapt whatever is to hand:all good eh.
          Forno Bravo rules supreme , Leados.
          Betul. jh.


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            Re: Aussie readers

            Hi Leados

            I too am new to this and about to start this project at home
            (along with outdoor cinema setup... )
            the simple idea of having a pizza and woodfired bread has grown to outdoor screening of movies in the backyard, help-yourself-pizzas etc... grand plans for a person who has never laid a brick before...

            Anyway, ClayPave in QLD sell everything you need, and will deliver nation-wide
            They can also suggest local resellers

            Here in NSW - Field Furnace Refractories

            are highly recommended, and very helpful
            again sell everything you need

            These companies should be able to point you to local resellers for all your refractory needs

            Word or warning - alumina bricks are pricey... 40% alumina $2.40each and you need a few of them

            I am trying to locate cheaper products at the moment

            I hope this helps