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More indoor installation questions. ..

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  • More indoor installation questions. ..

    Hello everyone,

    I've read a number of the posts about indoor installations and they've been very helpful (thanks guys!). I'm considering a slightly different idea and wanted to get some feedback.

    I was thinking of putting a pizza oven in my new kitchen with the door facing west and I'd like to have a gas fireplace on the diagonal facing northwest. Has anyone ever seen anything like this or have any ideas/ suggestions?

    I'd ideally like the two to share one large chimney (vented separately i'm sure) but I don't know if this is too much to ask. . .

    Any help at all would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Re: More indoor installation questions. ..

    There's no use to build a second flue for your gas fireplace. There are through-the-wall gas fireplace units that are actually engineered to produce some heat with minimal indoor heat loss.

    I have a standard gas log in a masonry fireplace, because the main squeeze thought firewood was messy, or something. A more useless piece of equipment you never saw. It produces about as much heat as a candle, and you can just hear the heat being sucked out of the room through the open flue. Besides, it's about as interesting to watch as the gas stove.

    If you're intent on a gas fire get one that's made for the purpose. The ones made to look like coal fires actually look pretty good, because that's what coal does, gasify, before it burns.

    Besides, if you're freed from the necessity of building a flue, you can put it anywhere that's useful, rather than in the way of the oven.
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      Re: More indoor installation questions. ..

      I don't know your regulations, but here in Australia, we even have free standing moveable natural gas heaters that simply plug into a gas line similar to a compressed air line with no flue or vent at all.
      After all, it is a cleaner fuel than the older kerosene heaters which also had no venting.
      Usually, a gas heater has a relatively small flue often only around 3 to 4" round.
      Esthetically looking, it might look best to have 2 chimneys unless they are so close and look out of place. With a 'new' kitchen, you obviously want it to all blend and look the part.

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