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Getting ready to build an oven

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  • Getting ready to build an oven

    I am getting ready to build an oven in a backyard terrace, so I will
    not be building a block base, the 1st concrete slab will be directly
    on the ground then I will be adding the thermo layer slab on top of
    it, then the cooking floor. The rest of the oven will be like any
    other. I have included my parts list below and want to insure I have
    not gone to overkill mode with materials. I chose the arch fire
    bricks for ease of setting though most plans I have seen use the
    straight fire brick. By using the arch brick I will get a 71/2" rise
    in 3'3" which seems to be the goal of all the plans. Let me know what
    you think as this is my first attempt.

    Item Quantity
    Hearth Plates Square Edge Fire Brick Tiles 12x18x3 6
    # 1 Arch Fire Brick 54
    Straight Fire Brick 9 x 4 ? x 2 ? 100
    Refractory Concrete (Kastolite 22) 3
    Castable Refractory Concrete (Mizzou Castable Plus) 3
    Fire Clay 2
    Hi Temp Mortar (Heat Stop II) 1
    Sand 2
    Wire 2
    Stucco Mesh 2
    Stucco Mix 2
    Cool Tile for Decoration 10
    Hearth Tiles 8
    Chimney parts 1

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    Re: Getting ready to build an oven

    I built my on the hillside also