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concrete inside the oven?

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  • concrete inside the oven?


    I will be building an oven sometime in the near future. I'm at the planning stage and I intend to do it as cheap as possible

    Here's my first 'very novice' question

    1. I can get copious amounts of used concrete paving slabs and concrete paving bricks. Is it OK to use this kinda thing inside the oven?

    TIA ... Mick

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    Re: concrete inside the oven?

    Unfortunately, it's not going to work well.

    At the temperatures in our ovens, the portland cement breaks down and I expect an oven built with these materials will rain little bits of concrete on the pizzas... until it the day it simply falls apart.

    It would make a great material for the oven stand!!!

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      Re: concrete inside the oven?

      Yeah, sounds like you have cheap stand materials! I'll second Christo's advice on not using concrete products inside the oven.
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        Re: concrete inside the oven?

        There are several ovens built out of solid red housebricks, that'd be a less expensive way to go. Didn't mmmhumous build his oven like that? I seem to remember a discussion of red bricks somehwere in his build...

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          Re: concrete inside the oven?

          Hi Mickfitz,
          I would not under any circumstances use cement bricks nor cement pavers or any cement products in an oven. I agree with Frances with using inexpensive or free solid red bricks as Russell Jeavons wrote a book on how to build an oven and cook in it using red house bricks. See my posting and the pictures of and in his commercially used wood fired ovens at permalink #16 at:


          I am to build another 2 ovens and help a friend with his planned oven using such materials. Keep the cement bricks etc for the stand and benches,as the oven will only be the start of a complete outdoor kitchen once you really get sucked into this recreational activity.

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            Re: concrete inside the oven?

            If you do use the concrete, please advise all forum members so we can immedietly run to our air raid shelters. That stuff will blow like no tomorrow with thermal shock and air bubbles expanding. DO NOT USE.